Since entering the industry in 2011, we have brought our passion for property development to new towering heights. From Singapore to Dubai, we have had a hand in bringing to life some of the most iconic and pristine developments in both the commercial and residential sectors.

Widely regarded as the experts in the property services market, one of our many specialties reside in making real estate real — in other words, real investment opportunities that yield real profits. We are also the leading authority in marketing boutique properties in carefully chosen niche areas.

With our successful sales record, and extensive local and regional real estate intelligence, we know that we will deliver the best returns for our clients, vendors, partners and shareholders.


Led by a youthful management team with extensive marketing and sales experience and guided by the Board, the team boasts dynamic and dedicated associates who are committed to making a name for themselves and the company. In a competitive environment that is typical of any Agency business, we have stressed the development of a team with a difference.  We wish to be problem solvers for anything real estate.

Associates of Tarian aspire to be the new generation of ‘asset managers’ for individuals and institutions alike, in an era where the world of finance is reshaping (with tighter regulations) and clients are still in need of advice and guidance. This can be provided by trained and astute licensed professionals in Tarian. As a majority of wealth in Asia is property-related, Tarian aspires to not just sell, but to understand and better service clients’ real estate needs from different angles.


At Tarian, it is vital that we uphold our beliefs and commitments to the highest level so that we can stay relevant and respected in this highly challenging landscape.

These are the three pillars that set us apart, make us stand out and create the Tarian experience.

A) Our Products

The Tarian product is both refreshing and credible.

Every investment that we put out in the market has been through rigorous peer-testing and research. We only sell products that we believe will yield better results.

B) Our Service

The Tarian service is authentic and professional. We put the needs of our clients before our profits. We form symbiotic and lasting relationships with them through constant and open dialogues.

C) Our Ethics

The Tarian brand is completely transparent on all levels of communication and relationships with our clients, partners and vendors. We are open for engagement, challenges and scrutiny. We will always recognise that we can improve.