Kunalan Sivapuniam
Founder and Director

Beating through his veins is the pulse of a natural-born investor. Kunalan Sivapuniam, father of five, has instincts carefully calibrated to spot the best investment opportunities.

It was instinct that made him leave a luminous  career as an investment banker to start his own investment company Tarian Capital. It was instinct that helped him lead the company to an financial success. It was also instinct that brought him to set up Tarian Real Estate and then Tarian Group, after co-founding Sabana Investment Partners and the listing Sabana REIT, the first Islamic REIT in Singapore. The aim – to develop properties in Asia and beyond. “By being bold and investing millions of dollars to establish ourselves in both the Asian and overseas property markets, we are protecting ourselves,” he explains. “So that if one market goes soft, we can turn to the other. We will always have work coming to us.”

“At Tarian we want to tale a holistic approach to Real Estate. Its an investment product for some and property for others. Whichever way we look at it, its correct.  Buy the challenge is for each to see, understand and agree that a glass that empty is also half full “ he expands. Tarian aims to bring development and investment opportunities to people who otherwise would not have access to.  “ We want to be different “ he explains. “ From identifying the opportunity, and investing in it, to developing it. We want to be in the whole value chain. Its challenging while at the same time satisfying.”

Mahmood Jumabhoy

In a distinguished 25-year career in the banking sector, Mahmood Jumabhoy developed solid skills in risk and investment management from working for major banks in financial-powerhouse cities like London, Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore. The long years spent overseas, as well as having lived a life in a multitude of countries, have fine-tuned Mahmood ‘s understanding of how real estate is valued and priced all over the world. From there, his interest in real estate grew into a passion.

For Mahmood, property development has allowed him to attain the perfect balance between success and passion. “I want to succeed for myself and my family,” he says. “But for me to succeed, I have to enjoy what I do and to do it with respect for others.” It is no wonder then that Mahmood has won the admiration of his peers and the loyalty of his clients. “I live my personal and professional lives according to two values — honesty and integrity,” he says.

And it is these same values that Mahmood aims to foster in Tarian Real Estate. “Being a boutique-sized firm, Tarian can afford to indulge in our clients very detailed needs that other firms would find hard to match,” he explains. “We will serve our clients with honesty and integrity, and with this loyal client base, we can grow with even greater success together.” Another passion of Mahmood’s is fishing. “It is an activity that I’ve always enjoyed with my Dad. He introduced it to me once, and then I had to constantly bug him to take me often,” says Mahmood, chuckling at the memory. “Thank goodness I’m a persistent man.”


Joan Lim
Founder and Managing Director

Industrious, astute and highly dependable. Tarian Real Estate is proud to have Joan Lim, an award-winning mortgage broker, bring these uncompromising traits to the family. Having advised more than SGD$100 million dollars’ worth of loans in her own mortgage firm, Joan’s fully attuned sense of the fast-fluctuating needs of the property market earned her the titles of Top Agent and Recruiter of 2009 and 2010. Her financial and professional successes have secured her a place in the Million Dollar Club since 2007, but Joan wants to achieve even more.

“I want to build up Tarian’s reputation by nurturing our employees to provide such pristine service to our clients that no other real estate agency will be able to match up to us,” she says. Recognised and respected as a leader who always delivers, Joan plans to achieve this benchmark standard through careful recruitment and training.
“Having worked in multiple service sectors from the age of 16, as well as growing up under the discipline of strict parents, have made me very results-driven,” she explains. “But more importantly,  I learnt to take my commitments seriously. I believe that you have to be responsible for what you have promised to others. Never disappoint.”

Away from the office, Joan’s endless energy gets filtered into the 3 ‘F’s — F1 racing, fishing and food tasting. “And if I could, I would relax to Korean and Hong Kong drama serials all day,” she says with a laugh.