• Tarian aims on being a service and results-oriented company which shall result in us positioning for dynamic growth and changing business potential.
    We have already shifted our focus to take into account the current slowdown in the local real estate market. Specific examples are our refocus on the Iskandar Malaysian market and the Asian craving for UK real estate. This shift has been brought around in only a few months and results are showing through.
  • We will focus on creating and maintaining a productive and supportive workplace for our associates. This is something lacking in some Agencies and will allow us to recruit more suitable associates. Product education creates a comfort level for associates to market a new product and also creates an infrastructure for us to leverage upon.Tarian is committed to cultivating and educating each of our associates to a level that will enhance the creation of positive and memorable experiences and exceed each client’s initial expectation. We believe this cross-asset training will in due course enable every new and existing associate to be thoroughly equipped with the necessary knowledge. (Some positive results have been observed already as it allows our associates to better manage their clients’ expectation and be able to advice promptly on other property related matters).
  • Tarian aims to be the most enterprising and reliable real estate firm in Singapore.  Enterprising as we can see different solutions to clients’ issues, and the associates have the comfort to tap management’s expertise. Reliable because we stress to promise what we can deliver.
  • We believe by engaging the leaders of Tarian as a whole, we shall in turn determine the quality of the organisation which sets us apart from our competitors. We conduct weekly or fortnightly sessions with key individuals of the firm to have better feedback and greater mutual understanding and eventually grow as one.

Unlike many Agencies, there is a team spirit of sharing and development at Tarian!